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Ray's Deer Processing was started in 1987, by Ray himself, at the insistence of a few local hunters Ray was providing processing. It has been located at 1740 Wright's Mill Road in Auburn, AL from the very beginning. The business started as a small family business in the current building that is located behind his home. Once you've been to Ray's you'll know what family is. Ray treats each of his customers as if they are his own flesh and blood.

Ray's Deer Processing is run by one of the most experienced meat processors in Alabama. You can rest assured knowing that your venison will be processed using the most conventional techniques along with strict sanitation guidelines set forth by Ray himself. Ray has both hands in each step of the process from check in day, to the placing of the final product in the box with your name on it.

Ray has 44 years of professional slaughtering, fabrication & processing experience beginning with his first job in 1962. Ray worked for 13 years for Southern Foods, where he obtained skills as a butcher and meat processor. In 1975 Ray was hired by Auburn University Animal & Dairy Science Department as a butcher and meat processor. Ray, using his knives with the precision of a surgeon, led the slaughtering of several heads of cattle, hogs, and lambs on a daily basis. Not only did he process meat for the sales room there at the Animal & Dairy Science facility, but he was an intricate part of research and development, also assisting in labs for those majoring in the field of Animal & Dairy Science. Ray also developed a film for the current 4-H programs for butchering and fabrication.

Ray's Deer Processing was a second job for Ray from 1987 until he retired in 2005. During that time Ray worked tirelessly at night to provide quality processing and meat products for his customers. Many nights only getting a few hours of sleep, but kept on to keep his customers happy. The entire family has been a part of the process including his deceased wife of 34 years Barbara and two daughters Gwendolyn and Zandra, along with his brothers John, Harold (deceased Nov. 2007), and Darryl. As the family grew so did the number of employees. The current operation is run by Ray and his current wife Jackie, along with John, Woody, Omar, Chris, J.W., Mike and the few others that pitch in to help during the months from October to late February of each deer season.

Believe me when I tell you at Ray's we strive to offer the best processing at the best price. After all, that's how we got started, how our business grew and how we work every day.

Ray in his cooler.


1740 Wrights Mill Road
Auburn, AL 36830

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8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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